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MothersGroup App

In the ideal world, a mum would love to show off her little bundle of joy on social media 24/7 without irritating people. Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t take too kindly to a siege of baby photos unless there is some underlying humour to them.

Thankfully, there is now a space where mums can share their bub’s cute squishy face with other mums who have a baby with an equally cute squishy face.

Not limited to sharing or liking photos and posts on the group wall, the MothersGroup App also allows mothers to send private messages with easy access to a list of members within your MothersGroup with the name of each mum and bub.

Aesthetically, the main focus was to ensure that this app steered away from the traditional baby pink and blues to keep it gender neutral, while still portraying a playful presence.

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